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Live sustainably with these eco-friendly products for the home

We’re giving fashion an eco-friendly facelift

At Kolebree, we envision a future for fashion where sustainability is the norm, not the exception. Every day is Earth Day for us - which is why we designed our marketplace to treat the planet and those who live on it with the utmost respect. 

Our marketplace operation closes the loop on wasteful fashion practices at every stage of a garment’s life cycle. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Eco-friendly brand partners

We thoroughly vet our brands’ supply chain to ensure they are truly sustainable. We only partner with brands that align with our goals to reduce their operating carbon footprint and empower their local communities with safe, fair wage practices. Read our 8 vetting criteria for our partner brands here

Eco-friendly brands

Waste reducing processes

We reduce waste as a marketplace with clear intention to eliminate any waste in all of our processes. Read about our waste-free processes here

Compostable Biodegradable Sustainable Packaging

Closing the loop

We extend the life of your clothing with a collection program that ensures any clothing purchased through our platform has a sustainable end of life. Read about our upcycle program here

Closing the loop on sustainable fashion

Quality over quantity

We make sure the products we source and display are stylish in any season and are built to last a long time - so that you keep it in your wardrobe for years to come.

Long lasting clothing

Our brand vetting criteria

Before partnering with a brand, we contact and vet them to check their supplier and manufacturer certifications and ensure they have a sustainable supply chain. Every product in the Kolebree marketplace has been chosen because it meets at least 3 of our eight core standards. Our core standards were selected to align with the cleanest, most cruelty-free and sustainable industry practices, because we believe that people, animals, and the planet should not be exploited for the sake of our wardrobes.

1. Natural fabrics

High quality materials equal high quality products. Our brand partners only use natural fabrics, such as cotton, linen, hemp, cruelty-free wool, and tencel (a sustainably-sourced wood pulp made into a yarn) that meet our standards in wearability, durability, biodegradability and sustainability.

2. Ethical, artisanal craftwork

At its core, any luxury garment is crafted with exceptional attention to detail. We celebrate brands that take pride in the artistry of traditional skills and exhibit artisanal craftsmanship, while still sticking to fair trade standards and investing into their local communities.

3. Locally made

We prioritize working with brand partners who are intimately connected with and actively investing back into their local communities - with a commitment to locally sourcing materials, hiring workers, and manufacturing their products. Not only does a local supply chain reduce the carbon footprint of the final product, but it supports the local economy and environment.

4. Zero waste

We are looking for conscious brands who minimize waste at every stage of their manufacturing processes, from designing garments with circularity in mind to waste-free shipping. We select products that are either made with regenerated natural fabrics, or are manufactured from recycled materials to reduce environmental waste: such as polyester, plastic bottles, or even fishing nets.

5. Animal welfare

We only work with brand partners who commit to cruelty-free animal practices. Not only are most of our products made from vegan materials, but any animal-based textiles such as wool are harvested without directly harming the animal, but all fabrics and clothing are produced and shipped without any by-products that could possibly get back into the environment and harm animal habitats. 

6. Processes designed with intention

We look to partner with fashion brands that consider and respect their workers, our wearers, and the environment. Our partner brands not only produce their clothing with environmentally-conscious processes and/or technologies that minimize waste, but they also meet internationally-recognized sustainability standards.

7. Humane working conditions 

We only partner with brands that provide exceptionally safe working conditions and fair wages for their employees. Our clothes need to be produced in safe working environments by workers who have clearly communicated rights. So we’re always working behind the seams to ensure that the good stuff you’ll see in a print or collar detail is matched by a beautiful backstory.

8. Wardrobe staples

Ultimately, we want you to love the clothes you purchase from us, and wear them all the time, for a long time. That’s why we only commit to brand partners who produce versatile wardrobe staples with a timeless design and aesthetic, that is stylish no matter the season. The more you love it, the longer you’ll keep it in your wardrobe - which is the truest sign of a sustainable garment.

Our waste free processes

Being a sustainable marketplace requires more than intentional, thorough vetting criteria of our brands. We also strive to reduce our footprint by making sure we bring your garments to the world and into your life in a way that is sustainable and kind to the earth. Here’s more on what we do for you as a Zero Waste Marketplace.

Pre-order next season’s clothing

We offer a pre-order program that allows our customers to order a season ahead. This allows us to only order as much as we need ahead of time from our brand partners. No more overstocked inventory. No more wasteful overproduction of clothes.

Zero-waste packaging

We minimize packaging waste with reusable and biodegradable packaging. No plastic, or uselessly branded packing materials that only add to landfills. We also support our brand partners in reduction of waste, and work to help them remove excessive packaging from their products.

Our upcycling program

Just because you’re not going to wear it anymore shouldn’t mean you have to send that jacket to the junkyard. We ensure that any clothing purchased through our platform has a sustainable end of life by partnering with factories and artisans who repair, recycle, and regenerate new clothes from old clothes.

Participation in the Upcycling Program is simple: we send you a pre-paid shipping bag with your initial purchase so that you can send your clothing back to us. This program is only available for garments that have been purchased in the contiguous US (48 states, excluding AK and HI).